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Psilonautica is the UK’s first psychedelic-focused consultancy agency

Whether you're navigating regulatory hurdles, establishing and expanding your business, or opening retreats and clinics, we are poised to support and guide you towards success.Psilonautica’s seasoned contractors offer a wealth of experience, extensive networks, and achievements demonstrative of their innovation and wisdom within this space.We apply this and our deep understanding of the nuances within the psychedelic industry to bring your vision to fruition with enhanced efficiency.

Our Mission

Psilonautica was born out of frustration.Frustration with inefficiency in innovation and application of these revolutionary tools, despite clear promise and need.We’re willing for this technology to be applied with wisdom, and the industry to be one of thriving.To do so, it must be built in a legal, ethical and safe way, and employ skilful communication. With industry regulations and practices being written alongside its growth, the experience of our advisors can help foresee and navigate the challenges and opportunities of this powerful work.

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Our Partners

Psilonautica is uniquely positioned to facilitate connections, foster development, and offer unparalleled support to a range of enterprises championing the psychedelic renaissance.

Our Services

We offer specialist support across the spectrum of areas crucial for success in this emerging industry.


  • Literature Reviews

  • Research Support

  • Science communication

  • Collaborations with Leading Psychedelic Institutions and CROs


  • Legal Documentation (Contracts, NDAs, MOUs, LOIs etc...)

  • Regulatory Pathway Development

  • Human Resources, Hiring and Auditing Staff

  • Regulatory Briefing Packages

  • Patent Applications

  • Import and Export of Scheduled Compounds

  • Licence Obtention


  • Psychedelic Education Curriculum Development

  • Healthcare Provider Education

  • Retreat and Clinic Operations

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration Facilitation

  • Real World Evidence Study Design


  • IRB Applications and Research Ethics Review

  • Conflict of Interest Audits

  • Crisis Management and Avoidance


  • Social Media Strategy

  • Communications and Public Relations

  • Event Planning

  • Podcast Production

  • Website Creation and Continued Management

  • Media Training


  • Business Development Services


The Canadian 'Special Access Program':
Tip sheet for providers, suppliers and patients

Welcome to the first edition of the MAPS Canada SAP Tip Sheet. This is a helpful and timely resource for patients, healthcare providers and suppliers (SAP stakeholders) looking to access Psychedelic-Assisted-Therapy (PAT) through Health Canada's Special Access Program.Included is a detailed overview of the application process, common responses from Health Canada, relevant questions and answers, in addition to SAP templates and other helpful resources. At present, the focus is centered around Psilocybin and MDMA, as these are the two psychedelic compounds Health Canada has approved applications for thus far.

MAPS Canada Special Access Program report cover

From Taboo to Treatment:
The Case for Compassionate Access to Psilocybin in the UK

Psilocybin has shown promise as a treatment for existential distress, a condition marked by feelings of hopelessness, despair, and a lack of meaning or purpose in life following a terminal diagnosis. Recent studies have found that Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy can lead to significant improvements in mood, anxiety, and quality of life.By embracing alternative treatments such as psilocybin-assisted therapy, the UK can offer a compassionate and meaningful end-of-life experience for those facing existential distress.

The Case for Compassionate Access to Psilocybin in the UK report cover

Know Your Rights:
Medical Cannabis in the UK

Cannabis-Based Prescribed Medicines have been available in the UK since 2019. These medicines are permitted for the treatment of various medical conditions, provided an individual demonstrates exceptional clinical necessity and has exhausted at least two alternative treatment options without success.The rollout of Cannabis-Based Prescribed Medicines has been tumultuous and has left patients, employers, and UK police forces confused regarding their rights and the law. This document aims to alleviate some of that confusion.

Know Your Rights: Medical Cannabis report cover

Public Attitudes to Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy in the UK

Public perceptions of psilocybin-assisted therapy have been revealed in this YouGov poll, commissioned by Drug Science. This is the first nationally representative poll of UK attitudes towards the medicalisation of psilocybin and support for policy changes (such as rescheduling psilocybin) to make this happen.The YouGov poll asked 1,763 adults, representing all demographics, political leanings, and regions of the UK, questions about psilocybin-assisted therapy and found rather surprising results. The questions were drafted by PsiloNautica and approved by both Drug Science and YouGov.

Public Attitudes to Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy in the UK report cover


As part of our mission, we support charities and other value-aligned actors in the psychedelic space to consolidate and develop their impact. Although much of this support is 'behind-the-scenes', some of our most enjoyable work involves creating bespoke animations to visually summarise an idea, platform or project.Here are some examples of our past work. If your psychedelic start-up is in need of succinct, visually engaging material to share with the world, do get in touch with us using the contact us form below.

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