Our Mission

Psilonautica is the UK’s first psychedelic-focused consultancy think-tank supporting the future of psychedelic medicine and integrated therapy.

Psilonautica was born out of frustration. Frustration that psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is increasingly recognised by the scientific community as a powerful tool to fight difficult-to-treat mental health conditions, while governments continue to stymie potentially life-changing research and treatment.

Learning from the medical cannabis market, we wants to avoid the operational, legal, and ethical pitfalls of this promising new industry. 

What We Do

Drawing from our experience in medical psychedelic regulation, drug policy and ethics, we provide political and scientific consultancy, undertake project-specific work that addresses critical research questions, and nurtures the growth of a principled, patient-centred industry.

We work in collaboration with advocacy groups, policy reformers and mental health professionals, to promote research into, and public education about, the medical value of psychedelic compounds, and the obstacles to realising their potential within the UK healthcare system.

Ethical Responsibility

As this industry matures, Psilonautica wants to ensure that the future of psychedelic-assisted
psychotherapy mirrors its cultural past in being sustainable, equitably accessible, and responsible.

It is without doubt that psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy will change the face of mental health services in the UK. However, with great innovation comes great responsibility and Psilonautica has at its core, a mission to make sure that the benefits of the psychedelic renaissance are as far-reaching as possible.


This industry is rapidly evolving. Policymakers are developing impulsive, reactionary and often enigmatic regulations in response to this emerging sector. 

Finding accurate expertise to navigate these emerging challenges will be crucial to ensure that the future of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is accessible to all that it may benefit.

Psilonautica is uniquely placed to support and develop diverse projects in the psychedelic space with straight-forward, jargon-free and honest advice.

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